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Toyota Supra A80 : A Miniature Work Of Art

If you’re an automobile enthusiast and a model collector, the TOYOTA SUPRA A80 is undoubtedly a must-have addition to your collection. This 1:18 scale model, produced by LCD Models, is a miniature work of art that captures the elegance and power of the iconic Japanese sports car.

Details and Features

  1. 1:18 Scale: This model has been meticulously scaled down to 1:18, meaning that every centimeter of the model represents 18 centimeters of the actual car. This level of detail allows you to appreciate every curve, finish, and component.
  2. High-Quality Materials: The model’s body is crafted from die-cast metal, providing both durability and realistic weight. The movable parts, such as the doors, hood, and trunk, are also made of metal, ensuring an authentic feel when you open them.
  3. Available Colors: The TOYOTA SUPRA A80 is available in four distinct colors:
    • Red: For those who appreciate boldness and passion.
    • Black: A timeless classic.
    • White: Perfect for speed enthusiasts.
    • Silver: Elegant and refined.
  4. Interior Details: Open the doors and discover a meticulously detailed interior. The seats, dashboard, steering wheel, and even the floor mats are faithfully reproduced. You can almost imagine sitting behind the wheel and driving this iconic car.
  5. Engine and Suspension: Lift the hood and admire the engine. Even in miniature form, it’s incredibly detailed, with visible cables, hoses, and components.


In summary, LCD Models TOYOTA SUPRA A80 model is a masterpiece for car enthusiasts. Its build quality, accurate details, and fully openable design make it a must-have for your collection. Whether displayed on a shelf or examined up close, this miniature Supra pays tribute to the legendary car that has captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide.

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